By Bob Bossin
Illustrated by Sima Elizabeth Shefrin

“Latkes is illustrated by nine wonderful and stylish images.”
– Olga Livshin, Vancouver Jewish Independent

Nick Books, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9808907-0-9

Latkes is out of print but  is available as a pdf file.
Contact bob(at)bossin(dot)com

Latkes is Bob Bossin’s reworking of a traditional Jewish folk tale.
The story won 2nd prize for fiction from the Antigonish Literary Review.
It is not a children’s book.

Illustrations for Latkes

Uncle Davy was a fixture at family occasions.

Nine months later, Chava sailed from Liverpool to join him.

“Fine,” said Malka, “I will make God His Latkes. But you deliver them.”

He saw, or thought he saw in the dim light by the door of the shul, a small man.

“Sholom Alaychem, Zussman. “Aleychem sholom,” Zussman answered.

Author and illustrator, Bob Bossin and Sima Elizbaeth Shefrin.