Couches Get Lonely Too

By Sima Elizabeth Shefrin

Book Design by Gwen Frankton

“I couldn’t lay it down…It’s gripping stuff”
– Peggy Seeger, folk singer and activist.

Stitching for Social Change, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-7782433-0-1
150 pages, paperback

© 2023 by Sima Elizabeth Shefrin
All rights reserved

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In August 2020, in response to the Pandemic, I started drawing daily four-panel comics for a small subscription list. I depicted our life during Covid, my art and Bob’s music, our garden, our politics and our dog. I tried to make the comics hopeful, a way of building connection. The correspondence from my readers tells me that my offerings have indeed brought smiles to their breakfast tables.

In 2023, with the help of Gwen Frankton, I wove a selection of the comics into a graphic novel called Couches Get Lonely Too.

Illustrations for Couches Get Lonely Too