Sima Elizabeth Shefrin

Welcome to Stitching for Social Change. This is like hosting a party and inviting all my friends. On this website you can learn about my books, my community projects and my quilts, all of which are interlaced with my vision for a better world. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to share what I do with more people than would fit in my living room for tea.

Stitching for Social Change


When I illustrate a book that someone else has written, I have to pretend that i wrote it and remember that I didn’t at the same time. When I draw my comics I have to pretend that I wrote them, when in fact it was the dog.

Fabric Art

I love the colours and textures of fabric. I see fabric as a traditional women’s art form, and in many cases, a tool for social change.

Community Art

Every one of us is an artist, and every community can express itself artistically. I love working with people who have not yet figured out that they are artists.