The Middle East Peace Quilt is an international community art project made by about 300 people from all over the world, who were asked to create a quilt square answering the question "What is your vision of peace in the Middle East?" Participants are men and women of all ages and backgrounds, ranging from professional artists to people new to artistic expression. Where the Quilt travels it promotes connections between Jewish and Arab communities, and offeres information about the Middle East peace movement.
The Peace Quilt (actually 31 separate panels) has been touring North America since 1999 and where it goes it brings together Jewish and Arab or Jewish and Muslim communities to organize its exhibit.

The Peace Quilt has been exhibited in churches, synagogues, community centres, civic buildings, private foundations, political organizations, summer camps, and fairs, as well as at university campuses, art galleries, and the National Archives of Canada.

I think of the Peace Quilt as a room full of people who will never meet listening to each other’s stories.
To arrange for the Middle East Peace Quilt to come to your neighbourhood, email me at simaeliz at If you have an enthusiastic group of people but little money, talk to me and I’ll help you figure out fundraising ideas.